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Defence counsel deny law on consent needs reform

The criminal justice system must eradicate persistent stereotyping and underlying biases against sexual assault complainants, say critics who are calling for better judicial education and a potential rewrite of the law of consent.

The Lawyers Weekly is pleased to announce a big change in the way we deliver legal news. On March 6, we launched The Lawyer’s Daily ( – a modern and feature-rich digital news platform.

There is always talk in insurance circles about introducing no-fault or privatization. British Columbia is one of the few remaining unfettered tort systems in Canada, but monopolized basic auto insurance is no longer in the interest of the residents of B.C.

Disinformation is nothing new, but technology has made the ancient problem of “fake news” especially pernicious. It has become a hot topic since it emerged that people were spreading false news stories about candidates in the 2016 U.S. election.

Between recruiting new clients, securing office space, hiring staff and completing actual lawyer duties like filing briefs or preparing for court, to say that lawyers at small law firms and solo practitioners have a lot on their plates may be an understatement.