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Top court’s decision underscores both independence and flexibility

Quebec justices of the peace — whose jurisdiction and pay were unilaterally cut by their province 12 years ago — regained some ground at the Supreme Court in a nationally important judgment that still leaves governments room to create, abolish and reform judicial posts in the public interest — including the potential flexibility to hire new judicial recruits at pay rates below that of the incumbents.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pick for the Supreme Court of Canada is a strong-minded, incisive and hard-working jurist, with a stubborn streak, who doesn’t suffer fools gladly — in court or out, say lawyers and judges who know him.

On Nov. 1, the Supreme Court of Canada will be asked to decide the fate of non-international arbitration in Canada when it hears two appeals from the British Columbia Court of Appeal. In doing so, the Supreme Court will determine whether its vision of arbitration, and cultural change in dispute resolution more broadly, will become more established or begin to unravel.

Legal aid organizations have their work cut out for them: they are charged with providing free or low-cost legal services to people who have low incomes and other disadvantages, within a limited budget.

Mary Jackson recalls with crystal clarity the moment the tide turned against an otherwise well-qualified candidate looking to join a national firm. Jackson, chief officer of professional resources with Blake Cassels & Graydon, asked the candidate what kind of role they typically played on a team.