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Your favourite legal news, delivered daily
By Ann McDonagh, Publishing Director
March 10 2017 issue

The Lawyers Weekly is pleased to announce a big change in the way we deliver legal news. On Monday, March 6 The Lawyers Weekly will be transforming into The Lawyer’s Daily – a modern and feature-rich digital news platform.

The Lawyer’s Daily will provide the same great Canadian legal news, analysis and current awareness as The Lawyers Weekly, but delivered online, on a daily basis, in your browser, on your mobile device, and through daily newsletters specific to the areas of practice you are interested in. Additionally, The Lawyer’s Daily will provide the critical breaking news and coverage as it happens – keeping you informed and ahead of the curve.

Your subscription won’t change

Current subscribers to The Lawyers Weekly will be rolled over to The Lawyer’s Daily with no extra charge or fees. You will get the same leading and award-winning content, plus much more, delivered to your inbox or through your Internet browser.

Digital makes the difference
  • News as it happens
    Our team of reporters and editors will now publish articles and breaking news within hours, not days, keeping you in the loop and ahead of the competition.

  • Newsletters with specific areas of practice coverage
    If you only practice family law, you may not want to spend your time reading about labour law. The Lawyer’s Daily offers daily newsletters that will bring you the relevant information you need.

  • More coverage, deeper analysis, better insight
    No longer bound to word-counts and page-limits means The Lawyer’s Daily can cover a larger variety of stories, and dig deeper into the ones that need an extra few hundred words or an informative graphic.
More to come

If you are a current subscriber, you will soon receive your username and password to create your own account, as well as a handy guide that will let you get the most out of The Lawyer’s Daily.

The Lawyers Weekly will continue to publish each week until March 31, 2017.  After that date, the weekly publication will be replaced by daily access to the most relevant legal news for you.

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